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The national energy board released the 2016 reform points

Natural gas is all gas existing in nature, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and all kinds of nature gas (including oil field gas, gas in gas field, mud volcano gas, coal-bed methane and bio gas). And for a long time “natural gas" defined, is a narrow definition starting from the point of view of energy, refers to the natural deposits in the formation of hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon gas mixture. In petroleum geology, usually refers to the oil and gas field gas which are mainly composed of hydrocarbon, and contains non hydrocarbon gases.
The natural gas reserves in underground porous rocks, including oil and gas field gas, coal gas, mud volcano gas and biological gas generation, also have a small amount of coal. It is good for fuel and chemical raw materials.
Natural gas is mainly used as fuel, carbon black manufacturing, chemicals and liquefied petroleum gas, by propane gas production, butane is an important raw material for the modern industrial. Natural gas mainly by gas low molecular hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon gas mixture composition.
As to accelerate the implementation of the reform of natural gas prices, "the 13th Five-Year Plan" vigorously promoting the development of natural gas is expected to gradually approaching, and recent weather turns cool, natural gas usage increased significantly. The development of natural gas will usher in a historic opportunity.
In February 18, national energy board held deepen reform leading group meeting, considered and adopted the < National Energy Bureau 2016 system reform of points>. National Energy Bureau Chief Nur bekri for structural reforms in the energy supply side put forward seven priorities which vigorously promote distributed energy and steadily push forward the system reform of petroleum and natural gas are involved in the field of natural gas.
Entering "the 13th Five-Year Plan" period, the domestic natural gas market is facing reform of the price mechanism, law on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, the impact of the new energy, get rid of upstream monopoly such as a series of opportunities and challenges. To the 2016 natural gas market, the growth rate is expected to achieve a rebound. Zhuo Chuang company information analyst Wang Zimeng told reporters.
In 2020, China's natural gas consumption up to 400 billion cubic meters . Natural gas demand growth will reach 8% to 11%.
There are parties from "significant growth" data for support, China's natural gas growth in the future.
According to the customs latest figures, in January, China's gas imports amounted to 5.23 million tons, including pipeline gas imports 2.76 million tons, rose 28.37% from a year earlier. Liquefied natural gas imports 2.47 million tons, rose 16.51% from a year earlier, compared with December rose 17.62% in 2015.
"From January to December 2015, China's natural gas table view of consumption growth is only 2.22%, the lowest level in nearly ten years. In January this year, a substantial increase in imports of unilateral data from the point of view, natural gas apparent consumption growth ushered in a good start, or will appear greatly improved." Wang Zimeng analysis said.
"It is worth mentioning that, the natural gas pipeline in eastern Russia within the territory of the people's Republic of China has started construction, the new pipeline 3170 km, the parallel pipeline was built in 1800 km, and supporting the construction of underground gas storage, plans to put into operation in 2018." Wang Zimeng said, "So the gaseous natural gas imports in 2016 to 2019 years of growth will accelerate and then entered a steady growth stage." LNG receiving station, is expected to 2015 to 2020 years, LNG receiving station capacity grew by an average of 12%.

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