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【 Group Informaion】Anshun will be More Splendid Hand in Hand with ”All Females ”

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Spring is coming which brought beautiful scenery all around the city . The grass has sprout out of the earth, all things have been recovered . Anshun Group has organized the 2017 Women's Day Forum on the 9 a.m. of March 8th ,2017. Group President Shao Shun, Deputy Party Secretary & Trade Union Leader Li Hang, the Commission's Leader Wu Jue and other leaders have attended, and sent a holiday blessing in the forum. There are a total of more than 80  female employees . They are from various departments of the group, members of the company in Liyang and overseas member enterprises.
"The development of Anshun Group cannot leave without all female comrades of hard work and selfless dedication. The future of Anshun also need to work together to create. I hope that everyone in Anshun to reveal your individual character elegant demeanour! On this special day, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday!" Group President Shao Shun cordial wishes every single word or phrase as the spring sunshine, warm all the people's heart.
All the female comrades are talking about their life, work and ideals at the meeting with the theme of "self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-reliance of " Laughing,,smiling,talking ……Let us feel the women's character elegant demeanour together,  they’re  beautiful, kind, generous, intelligent and capable...
The forum have brought not only group  leaders’ love and care  but also the "harmonious Anshun" of the corporate culture, so that the majority of female employees had a happy and meaningful holiday.

Group Info
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