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Public services, social services. Anshun group always entrusted with the glorious mission ,that is social services, benefit the people's livelihood. Over the years, Anshun Group actively carried out the co construction of the army and the people,the joint effort of the police (public security, fire protection, police) and the people. Anshun Group also supported army and family members ,also participated in the public welfare donation activity. Except that ,the group has provided the full implementation of the special crowd gas preferential policies, and strongly organized volunteer service activities,etc. Through a variety of activities, Anshun of all the warmth, care, help and support is given to Liyang , warming innumberable families.
At the same time, in today's world of common concern to develop green economy, low carbon economy under the new situation, Anshun group insists on reforming and innovation and advances in a pioneering spirit in order to pursue scientific development. "Survival by the social benefit ,beg the development with the enterprise benefits" for business philosophy, to make our home more beautiful.
“Let green mind to keep the blue sky and white clouds, Let clean energy filter for a better life, Let the pure air to nourish future generations”.To service the people living, improve thecity’s atmospheric environment, provide security and stability of clean energy security.
Social Responsibility
Social Contributions
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