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The national energy board released the 2016 reform points
Natural gas is all gas existing in nature, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and all kinds of nature gas (including oil field gas, gas in gas field, mud volcano gas, coal-bed methane and bio gas). And for a long time “natural gas" defined, is a narrow definition starting from the point of view of energy, refers to the natural deposits in the formation of hydrocarbon and non hydrocarbon gas mixture. In petroleum geology, usually refers to the oil and gas field gas which are mainly composed of hydrocarbon, and contains non hydrocarbon gases.
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Industrial Event
[Anshun Group Information] summer to send cool bitter people - Group Chairman, President of the high temperature condolences to front-line staff
Anshun group held 2017 semi-annual work summarizes
【 Anshun Group Information】 safety in production is only a starting point, there is no end!
【 Group Informaion】Anshun will be More Splendid Hand in Hand with ”All Females ”
【News of Shexian Anshun Gas】 Shexian Anshun Gas successfully completed "the Golden" Hotel ventilation ignition.